Hunyuan Medizin - Dr. Yaron Seidman

Introduction to the Hunyuan Method according to Dr. Yaron Seidman

The Hunyuan method according to Dr. Yaron Seidman impresses with its simplicity, clarity and practical applicability. Based on the classical texts of Chinese medicine and the roots in the so-called fire school, Dr. Yaron Seidman has succeeded after many years of research and clinical activity to extract a completely coherent and comprehensive system of Chinese medicine & herbal therapy, which allows it to determine a clear treatment strategy with undreamt-of precision after only a few minutes of patient contact.

Hunyuan Herbal Therapy 

By using only a few herbs (about 20-25 in total), an amazing clarity about the effect of the individual herbs is created after only a short period of training in the Hunyuan method. After an exact anamnesis (usually not longer than approx. 15 min.) a clear treatment strategy can be worked out and the effect and possible side effects of the herbal therapy can be predicted with 95 percent certainty. This clarity and simplicity in the therapy and the safety which can be conveyed to the patient with it result in a high level of adherence to the therapy. Necessary changes of a prescription can be likewise converted successfully and simply after short consultation with the patient.

3-day Workshop with Dr. Yaron Seidman

In this 3-day workshop, Dr. Yaron Seidman will deal with all aspects of Hunyuan medicine and also highlight its origins in Chinese classics such as Shang Han Lun. Both the presentation of case studies and the anamnesis and treatment of patients on site by Dr. Yaron Seidman round off the seminar and give an impression of the practical work with the method.

10/09/2020 – 12/09/2020 in Essen

The seminar takes place in the time from 10th to 12th September 2020 in ZIFF (Zentrum für integrative Förderung und Fortbildung) in Essen and is suitable both for experienced therapists, and for beginners, since the Hunyuan Method is unparalleled and requires no previous knowledge.

Course Fee

The course fee is 790 €.


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